Artcoustic Home Cinema Speakers – Dealers & Installers

On-Wall Speakers to Deliver a High End Home Cinema Experience

All the above Home Cinema’s from our portfolio were created using Artcoustic Loudspeakers. The Artcoustic Home Cinema Speakers range is huge and enables us to build up packages of speakers to suit any requirements – from on-wall under TV soundbars through to huge speaker arrays containing full range speakers and subwoofers. The modular design, coupled with a small installation footprint, is perfect for Home Cinema Rooms. At only 67mm deep we can easily install front speakers behind projector screens – either three or five front channels depending on the configuration required. Subwoofers are installed below the screen as either a standalone subwoofer channel (deep bass from any channel is routed through these speakers) or as a bass management channel. The later option utilises active crossovers to reinforce each audio channel – so the center speaker has it’s own subwoofer and the same for other front channels.

The shallow mounting depth allows easy installation of surround channels producing superb audio for side and rear channels. In our larger Trinnov 3D audio home cinema rooms we can utilise the same approach to subwoofers as the front channels and install multiple surround speakers at differing heights to produce a truly unrivalled 3D audio experience.

Artcoustic Performance Speakers

Artcoustic Performance Speakers

Perfect for Living Room Cinema’s too.

Living Room Home Cinema’s must strike a balance between performance and aesthetics – hiding speakers is more difficult than in a dedicated cinema room with an acoustically transparent projector screen to hide them behind. Luckily Artcoustic have a number of solutions to enable us to integrate audio:

  • Custom RAL colours on cabinets and grilles ensures speakers blend in to their environment (the speakers match the Farrow and Ball paint!).
  • Custom Width sound bars enable us to match the speaker to the width of TV, ensuring an integrated aesthetic.
  • Custom grille artwork allows us to hide speakers in plain sight as artwork. Client supplied digital artwork can be printed on the grilles.

The Artcoustic Performance Range

The Performance range from Artcoustic is a ground breaking range of speakers containing modular array speakers. The range centers around the stunning P12-6 array speaker which is designed to be used as a single speaker or mounted as multiple arrays with adjustable angles. This flexibility in configuration and installation allows us to create perfect audio enviroments, particularly when driven by a Trinnov Home Cinema audio solution. The P12-6 is designed to be partnered with the Performance range of subwoofers, such as the PS6 Subwoofer – containing 6 x 10″ drive units – ensuring very high sound pressure levels.

This flexible approach to audio ensures we can design very flexible home cinema audio systems – delivering on aesthetics and audio perfection!