A High End Projector Based Home Cinema in North London

This Crestron controlled London attic home cinema installation in North London showcases a lot of what we do well – everything is hidden away until required, allowing the room to transform from a living room to a cinema at the touch of a button! A hidden projector screen in the window alcove drops down at the same time as the projector lowers from the ceiling on a Future Automation lift. The cinema has access to a host of centralised sources including Sky HD and Apple TVs. These sources are distributed around the home in addition to the cinema allowing the clients to watch recorded TV wherever they are in the home – it’s as easy to watch their favourite TV in the kitchen as the cinema. The kids in particular love to watch their TV shows on the big screen!


Hidden Artcoustic speakers provide outstanding audio with the front channels hidden behind grills under the projector screen and in-ceiling speakers for rear channels. A huge Artcoustic subwoofer is easily hidden from view and provides amazing bass. The speakers are powered by a critically acclaimed Anthem MRX710 AV Receiver which, in common with the projector, was professionally calibrated.


The home cinema is enhanced by mood lighting controls which are easily selected and adjusted by an Apple iPad. This custom designed iPad user interface allows easy AV source selection in addition to room calibration and selection of lighting scenes. Electronic blinds close at the touch of a button on the double aspect windows and also the glass ceiling – creating the perfect viewing environment. Retro squirrel cage bulbs provide a warmth even when dimmed down to minimum levels.

The client supplied seating ensures the cinema room is a great place for the client to relax with their young family.