Kaleidescape Equipped Home Cinema in Manchester:

As part of the extensive audio video system we installed in the Beetham Tower Penthouse, we also installed a bespoke media room. A dedicated Kaleidescape 1080p player serves up films and music from the whole apartment server – the output of which feeds a superb Classe decoder and amplifier combination. Bowers & Wilkins Signature 8NT speakers with custom painted grilles and surrounds are built in to the bespoke media wall with sound reinforced by a huge Bowers & Wilkins Custom Theatre subwoofer. Rear channels are built in to the marble rear wall, providing amazingly clear and powerful sound quality. This system really does rival some of the best floor standing speakers available – with the aesthetics of in-wall speakers – a stunning solution for the age old problem of how to install a high end sound system with minimal intrusion in to a clients living room!


The media wall was custom designed and built to accommodate every specific component, including building cabinets of the right volume for the Signature 8NT speakers and subwoofer, these volumes were then lined with acoustic material. The Classe components have a special back plate which encourages air flow across the components. All speakers were finished in a colour of the client’s choice and matching speaker fabric was fitted to a custom frame to hide the subwoofer.


The whole room benefits from an easy to use Crestron control system with a remote control touchpanel, so picking a film from the apartment library is as easy as switching on a normal TV. The panel also controls the lighting in the room allowing the perfect viewing environment to be created with mood lighting scenes programmed and recalled at the touch of a button.