Trinnov Home Cinema Installation Ascot

A Stunning Home Cinema Design for a Private Cinema Room in Ascot:

This home cinema installation in Ascot is huge – 6.4m wide x 8.4m long with an impressive 2.8m head height. A full Trinnov Audio System and Artcoustic Speaker package combine to provide an amazing soundtrack, perfectly complementing the huge 4.5m projector screen.

Artcoustic P12-6

The Artcoustic surround sound package consists of 15 x Artcoustic P12-6 array speakers on the walls, enhanced by 3 x Artcoustic PS6 (6 x 10″ subwoofers per enclosure!) and a further 8 x P12-6 array speakers in the ceiling providing height audio channels. This is a seriously impressive sounding cinema! Making all the audio possible is a stunning Trinnov Altitude32 processor / pre-amplifier and Trinnov Amplitude8 amplifiers.

4.5m Projector screen and Sony 4K HDR projector

In common with our other large home cinema rooms we like to install an acoustically transparent projector screen, this hides away the speakers and provides a very tight visual and audio experience. The huge 4.5m screen in this room gives plenty of space to accommodate speakers and perfectly fits the 6.4m wide wall. Built in to the back wall is a small enclosure to house the stunning Sony VPL-VW5000 projector – the flagship model from Sony, providing a very bright and crisp high resolution image.

Custom Designed Home Cinema Seating

A room this size allows us to incorporate lots of high end home cinema seating – in this case Cineak Fortuny seats in a mixture of configurations. Double seat sofas on the front row are complemented by single seats across the back row. Backlit Onyx tables at the end of each row illuminate the steps between the rows whilst providing a home for larger items thart are too big for the in-arm cup holders.

Fabric Wrapping of the room

In a room with this many speakers it can be difficult to hide them away.  For this cinema room we chose a high end acoustic fabric wrap – not only does this hide the speakers from view but it also improves acoustics – stopping surfaces from reflecting sound waves which can result in muddled audio. The “pillow” effect was chosen after consultation with the client and looks stunning!