Stunning Media Rooms, Dedicated Home Cinemas & Living Room Systems

We are expert home cinema installers – we regularly perform home cinema installation in to basements, attic’s, dedicated rooms. and living rooms. We are experts in delivering the best possible system for a clients budget – we have a wealth of products which aren’t available on the consumer market. We engage directly with the manufacturer, working with them to help design the best possible home cinema solution, ensuring their products are performing at their absolute optimum – they even come along after installation to help calibrate the system ensuring their equipment is performing at it’s absolute best! We have a defined process to deliver stunning projects – we analyse the room available, ascertain the budget and then propose a solution which maximises the clients return on investment. Once agreed, we fully design the room – even considering room shape and construction for acoustics – before producing 3D renders of the space showing seating, lighting and surface finishes. This allows clients to visualise the entire space before commencing on the project ensuring complete client satisfaction and allows us to 3D model the room to ensure it performs acoustically. We have teams of high end tradesmen who have experience delivering our projects to an exceptional standard or we can project manage the client’s own team. Our acoustic design approach sets us apart in the industry – an outstanding home cinema needs to be designed right from the outset.


In order to properly acoustically treat a cinema we have two approaches. A full outer skin of Acoustiblok sound deadening can ensure sound does not leak in to adjoining rooms (4mm of Acoustiblok stops as much sound as a foot of concrete!) which has the advantage of ensuring sound levels are maintained in the room – really making the most of bass produced by our home cinema system. The acoustics in the room then need to be treated to minimise standing waves – essentially sound from the speakers should not reflect back on the same path but dissipate naturally – which can cause a muddled or bass heavy sound. A combination of Acoustic Panels and bass traps ensure peak performance from the sound system, all enhanced by the furnishings in the room. These two approaches – coupled with our knowledge of ideal room dimensions – allows us to create a room which really excels, making the absolute most of the equipment specified. We regularly perform acoustic upgrade work to existing underperforming home cinema’s, correctly installing acoustic treatments can transform an existing home cinema room.


Our Media rooms provide a truly flexible approach – high end displays and surround sound systems allow clients to experience home cinema at home. These systems can be projector or large TV based, depending on client requirements and the space available. Media rooms have access to sources such as Sky HD, Apple TV and Kaleidescape Movie servers but also feature inputs in the room allowing clients to quickly and easily add in any source. Games consoles are simply plugged in to the system and then enjoyed the same as any source – full surround sound and a huge cinema screen. This easy integration allows clients to upgrade games consoles and take advantage of new products instantly with no need for our involvement – providing a future proof solution is important to us. Other inputs in to the system can easily be changed as the client requires – inputs such as Google Chromecast (or Apple TV) allow clients to share content from mobile devices on the fly – great for guests in addition to the home owner. Our control systems bring all devices in the room under one controller – ensuring the room is simple to use for all members of the family. We can even ensure that children can only access age appropriate content.


A private cinema can be a great addition to any home – a great place to relax as a family, providing an oasis in the home. We are experts at transforming a bare room in to a home cinema, we regularly install systems in to basements, attics and garages – in addition to living rooms. Involving us at an early stage allows you to factor acoustic elements in to the room design, ensuring an outstanding cinema from the very beginning. Our designs work to maximise your budget – delivering a great cinematic experience at home. In addition to audio visual elements we can design the lighting scheme, interior decor and supply bespoke home cinema seating. This turnkey approach ensures you get the very best cinema possible, fully managed by our highly experienced team – the room is literally designed from the ground up to perform acoustically as well as visually. Check out our case studies for inspiration!