Bespoke Home Cinema Packages – Design & Installation

High End Home Cinema Packages

Each of our home cinema packages is bespoke – designed from the ground up to delight each and every client. Our home cinema installations are designed to make the most of any space, ensuring the best audio video experience for a given budget in a given room or space, but we also take in to account the clients family. Families with younger children have different requirements than families with teenagers so our designs reflect that and allow the system to evolve over time. We have put this page together to show prospective clients the various levels of home cinema available – each is outstanding in it’s own right and sometimes the most expensive is not the right solution for a clients requirements.

If you would like to discuss any of these packages in more detail then please do get in touch.

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Dedicated Cinema Room – £250,000+

A Dedicated Home Cinema Room, Money no object.

These systems are as good as it gets  – a huge 4m+ cinema screen shows a stunning image from the best in class 3D projector. Mounted behind the screen are the front audio channels and subwoofers of this Dolby Atmos equipped home cinema. A further  25 speakers around the room provide a 3D sound track which has to be heard to be believed. A huge number of inputs ensures the room is equally at home watching the latest sporting event as watching a BluRay film downloaded from the Kaleidescape Movie Store. A bespoke lighting design includes a star effect ceiling which reflects the night sky the day the owners married and lights automatically dim as the film starts. High end home cinema seats provide first class seating with motorised control returning the chair to your favourite position and also chilling your drink in the cup holder. Despite reference levels of audio in the room there is no sound leakage in to the rest of the home – creating a true oasis!

Dedicated Cinema Room – £100,000

A Dedicated Home Cinema Room – High End

In this system a high end projector displays a stunning picture on a 3m+ projector screen with audio reproduced by a 16 channel Dolby Atmos system. Slim on wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers ensure a perfect audio experience no matter where you are sat in the room. Acoustic treatments concentrate on the audio experience in the room with lighting control systems providing a real wow factor. Seating is a little more casual than the higher end system providing comfortable seating and day beds. A wealth of sources allow clients to watch purchased content or stream via the web. Easy control from an Apple iPad ensures the room is perfectly set up for each source and the room can be used by anyone in the family.

This system will be better than most people ever get the chance to experience.

Living Room Home Cinema – £50,000

High End Living Room Surround Sound Systems

This system lends itself perfectly to a living room which needs to double as a home cinema. The system is unobtrusive yet provides stunning results. A large flat panel display emerges on a lift system providing the perfect viewing experience whilst sound is reproduced by a Dolby Atmos surround sound system. Discreet on-wall speakers look like artwork whilst ensuring an amazing sound track. A huge range of media sources allow the clients to watch TV, films or play games through the system with easy control via an Apple iPad and Crestron system. This system will revolutionise how your family enjoy films and TV, creating a true entertainment hub in the home.

We have lots of living room based home cinema case studies – see below for details.